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Hi, my name is Lyvia. I write and speak, on the internet and elsewhere too..

I tell my truth, even if it hurts, even if it strikes a nerve, even when i’m scared.
Because the message is the single most important thing, the message means everything, and it is greater than me. The true impact of our actions and our words is beyond us, but once they are whispered to us, and into our souls, it is our sole responsibility to speak up.

I live my truth. Because otherwise I'd be living inside someone else’s skin. Someone better suited for this society - and that is simply not acceptable.

Some people love what I do, others hate it, and that’s okay. I write every single day, you’ll make up your own mind.

Full flow, no Limit. I’ll be dead someday, why not go and do everything while I'm here?



I write everyday, whatever pops into my head. I take on all these different subjects, and more.

What triggers me: not letting yourself live life to the fullest, and not letting others live their lives to their fullest either.



And, what do you do for a living?

That’s the question we get asked the most when someone shows an interest on how we make money.

Oh well, living comprises so many different things and activities. I’m a writer, author, blogger and youtuber.

I'm also head of a company with 12 employees, 12 people I appreciate and work together with to make sure they too are handed the right tools and resources to live the live they've always desired.

I provide personal coaching for women - The Amazones - on their way to forge the business and the life that looks most like themselves.

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I’m curious about many subjects, and my talent is to observe the life around me, to absorb it and to then apply everything I've learned from it and pass it on.

Sometimes all you need is that one person who tells you how beautiful perfect you are, and that you’re gonna make it through, no matter what.

I am that person, plus a few curse words and a kick in the butt.

Fav Quotes:

I’ll be dead someday, why not go and do everything while I'm here? (Maya Angelou)

If it doesn’t flow, it’s gotta go. Quote by me : )

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