Together, we feel free, inspired and powerful.

It’s rare and quite remarkable, and it sure doesn’t happen by chance.

Lyvia managed to gather such a team because she’s got a clear vision of what she wants, and she’s not afraid of doing anything to get there.

When she feels like it, she does it and moves forward. When it doesn’t flow, she says, she learns from it, and adapts. It's simple. Not easy though, it takes a lot of commitment to get to “easy”.

She took things one step further by attracting the right people, who wanted the same things as she did, and were compatible with her way doing things, not necessarily similar, but compatible.

We’re all different, but we’re after the same things. It’s hard to describe what a typical work day with Lyvia looks like, because everything develops much intuitively. We work in harmony, under the one and only rule Lyvia holds dear.

If it doesn’t flow, it must go.

That’s it. Everything else is possible. Everything is worth listening to, and worth considering too. We talk, we put things to the test, we move forward. No formula. To better understand what Lyvia is like in her workspace, all it takes Is observing the people by her side.

Working with Lyvia in fact, makes us feel free, inspired and powerful.



We mostly come from highly competitive and standardized jobs. And we’d be lying if we said our reality with Lyvia resembles in any way, the rules and management approach most companies have nowadays.


She’s built a company to her own image.
And she leaves no room for error, defeat or regret.

Therefore, there’s no such thing as taking a wrong turn, or judging one another, we don’t hold each other back either. We experiment, we adapt, we believe in what we do, we encourage one another, we’re all accountable, we grow.

It’s swimming against the flow, some might say, but what’s the alternative? Why look at it from another perspective? We’ve set very clear goals and we focus on them. We all feel very fortunate to be a part of this group and we trust Lyvia entirely. She embodies every single one of her teachings and she’s got a very clear and powerful vision.


That’s what being a leader is all about.

This might give rise to smiles, talking about freedom, inspiration, intuition, harmony, and at the same time bringing up money, success, performance. It doesn’t matter. It works.

. Lyvia is a truly inspiring CEO because she’s breaking a number of social codes and clichés. .

Young woman, black, rich, who's after visibility, and money, no taboos attached. It’s easy to put her down, or inside some box.

She’ll get a kick out of it, and laugh it off.

. She’s free because she couldn’t possibly care less about labels or whatever people might think of her. She’s ambitious because she's always looking to take things one step further to share her art, her message and to reach as many people as she can with it along the way, making it possible for everyone to take control of their lives and be fulfilled in their own way.

She has a strong sense of commitment to her work, because she's made of improving society, her life’s mission on earth.

Every single one of us enjoys building a company while tearing down clichés regarding sales, marketing, communication, performance, competition among women, etc. And this makes the journey all the more exciting.

We’re learning first handedly what is in fact, possible, when you really want it and you work hard for it, that is. And of course this suits us perfectly, we love doing what we do.

Lyvia sets the course. We know where we’re headed and we definitely have fun along the way.