One winter day of 2016, I decided my company was going to make millions.

I made a good life for me as an independent entrepreneur, and so I knew I had a specific role to play in my country’s society and economy, a much larger and powerful one.

I decided to make millions to lead the live I had always dreamed of, true, but most of all, to redistribute wealth.

Change the world

For years and even centuries, money was primarily in the hands of one group of people: white males.

If you wish to change the world, by making it more equal, just, and more likely for men and women of all colors, ages, beliefs and sexual orientations to be able to decide on their lives, and what they want for themselves, the tables need to be turned.

That is why I've chosen to invest my money and actively participate in the following projects:

  • Fichier-1

    ( Entreprendre Pour Apprendre) association, which encourages children and teenage boys and girls to create, to innovate and to become entrepreneurs.

  • Fichier-1

    Project financing within my community

  • Fichier-1

    School interventions to share the message of how it is possible for everyone to be successful by staying true to themselves, and how self-worth and perseverance make up a fundamental part of it.


To learn more about our philanthropic projects
or to submit a project, please contact Isma

(She's loving and all, but she keeps a high standard ;))