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I have a great commitment to share my message with as many people as possible.

I’m also looking forward to:

  • Participating in your live shows and interviews (FB, TV, Radio)
  • Motivating and inspiring your teams and communities.

Please contact my agent Tiphanie for more information.

The message I'm looking to pass on is as follows:

Every one is capable of creating its own version of success, beyond those high barriers and obstacles that society and education have set upon us.

My favorite topics include:

  • Self-confidence and self-worth.
  • Entrepreneurship : of women, of young people, online (primarily)
  • The relation between money and success
  • Love, sexuality and how these two are perceived and understood in our society.
  • How to succeed while staying true to yourself, outside of social norms.

My articles have been published on the Huffington Post and on
I’ve been interviews by Cosmopolitan and “L’Express”
My most recent TV appearance took place on june 2017 on TV France.

I host conferences on a regular basis, and participate in others as a guest just as often.

Is my message of interest to you? Would you like me to share it with your audiences?

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Press Biography

30 year old Lyvia Cairo, originally from Guadaloupe Islands, is an author, lecturer and creator of both the website and the homonymous FB page.
She inspires and coaches entrepreneurs and artists who are determined to make a difference in the world by putting their talents into work, and to do it now; spread their message, make it loud and clear!

After quitting her office job in London in 2013, Lyvia started her first online blog, . She spent the following 4 years coaching hundreds of people willing to create their own version of success, both personally and professionally, which led to her quickly rising as a well respected web entrepreneur.

She’s also a prolific writer of both fiction and romance.

Lyvia Cairo communicates on a regular basis with her fast growing and deeply committed community of over 10 000 readers and clients through fb and her e-mailing list! She writes daily and shares inspiring messages in the shape of articles or videos, while also offering numerous coaching programs online where she discusses money, entrepreneurship, sexuality and couples, amongst other subjects.

Everything is bound together, she tells us. And to be able to live the life we truly wish to be living, nothing can be set aside.

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