Every one of us can make a profound difference in the world, putting his or her own talent and message to work. And my role is to pass on the courage and the strength to make that happen.



The single most important and consistent trait about me, is that i’m always evolving.

My biggest commitment is to myself, and I've vowed to follow my intuition and my flow.

The Flow is what allows things to move forward steadily, with no struggle, no opposing force. It’s the state in which you’re able to overcome obstacles much more easily and smoothly.

Intuition is my first and most useful tool when choosing the right direction in life.

And my message to the world is: you have the right to be whoever you choose to be, far beyond limits. And that is in fact the only way you’ll ever attain your own personal version of success.


I’m an author, writer, and philosopher.
I’m also a lecturer and mentor.

It is through my observations and experiences in life that I'm able to share my everyday findings. I open the way for those who’ve decided to follow me on this path, to learn from them.

I pass on my message everyday, as I feel it is being passed on to me. My mission is simply to get it out there, to as many people as possible.

I do so by writing - daily and publicly, be it books or as part of a coaching.

By speaking - daily and publicly too, on FB live, as well as in conferences , seminars, retreats.

Everything is bound together

And so a part of our lives will affect other parts of it too.

That’s the main reason why I address as many diverse issues. Self-esteem and self-love are the two foundations upon which these are built.

Curious, one and many at the same time, I’ve chosen to do everything because… why not?

I’ve become passionate about a great number of subjects, ones I simply love diving into.

I talk about:

  • Self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Creating activities that suit the frequency at which you’re vibrating on.
  • Money, and our relationship to it, its effect, and impact.
  • Management
  • Love relationships
  • Sexuality
  • Health
  • Creativity

Money and sex are the two axes that have most recently caught my attention. (Autumn 2017). They’re not being discussed enough, and the taboo surrounding them is dangerous, this needs to change.

To follow up on my daily writing


At night I write erotic stories. During the day, I am a leader.

Company owner, with a team of 10 collaborators, and philanthropist, I keep a few things close to my heart, such as enabling the people that work with me to move upwards, developing a new approach toward entrepreneurship in France, and also investing and redistributing the income and the resources we generate as a whole.

I’m working on three books as we speak:

  • How to be yourself in your business

    The first one, in the process of being published

  • an erotic novel

    The second one.

  • How to make money while staying true to yourself.

    The third one, in the process of being written.

I think every single one of us is capable of everything, if we just look past the limits and the restrains society has set upon us, or the ones you set upon yourself.

Calm but always in motion, fast and patient. I find serenity within agitation.

Intuitive and spiritual. Down-to-earth and weird. I talk to angels and Rebecca - that’s the name of my intuition. Rebecca's only goal is to make life for fun.