All women masturbate

Before you jump at me and say something like: ‘nooo, not me”! Know this… you should ! Muahahaha!
Female masturbation is one of the strangest taboos on earth. I don’t get it at all.
Let’s take male masturbation for example. It is generally acknowledged that men masturbate. You can easily picture them butt-naked in front of… ahm… the computer, for sure. There you go, it’s not shocking at all. Okay, maybe if you’re in a relationship and you think: “Do I not satisfy you? ” But deep down, we all know it is normal to release tension that way.
On the other hand, female masturbation.
It’s as if no woman ever touched herself.
Wait, you’re saying I should admit to having a relationship with my handheld shower head? #oldschool
‘Of course I don’t own a vibrator… but I don’t exactly brush my teeth with that electric toothbrush either’ Oh!
We don’t discuss it enough, not even among us girlfriends. But when one of us finally decides to jump at it, it warms my heart to know the rest will follow.
It’s a relief actually.
So why won’t women admit that they like pleasuring themselves?
I have a theory.
I work with several women on their relationship with money and their businesses, particularly regarding whether or not they allow themselves to go after the things they resonate with and answer their true calling.
More often than not, -just as I – they have been stuck in utility-like patterns where, it is not enough to do something out of pleasure, it has to serve a purpose too, otherwise it’s no good.
Lost between the “I must”s and the “I have to”s, doing things for the mere pleasure has become somewhat shameful.
We seem to feel unworthy of making money and leading a good life by doing things that are simple and fun.
And so, it is similar when it comes to masturbation.
I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me you have a hard time pleasing and pleasuring yourself in your personal and professional life, for no other purpose than just that, the pleasure itself. So yeah, the same thing happens when dealing with sexual enjoyment, without having to satisfy the needs and desires of anyone, except you, you and only you.
Everything is bound together. And there’s a chance masturbation is connected to some kind of guilt, or even shame in your life.
You feel like doing it, maybe not quite as often, but you do it anyway, in secret that is.
You tell no one, but maybe…you don’t feel completely free of prejudice right after you’re finished. You think to yourself: It was good and all, but…
And this guilt… this shame, it probably goes a way back. Things you were told growing up. It could even be something completely non-related to sexuality for that matter.
But because everything is related, these emotional blocks find their way into other aspects of your life.
You don’t see it because you’re used to separating things. Big mistake!
Have I already mentioned… everything is bound together??
This female masturbation taboo is far more than just some left-out conversation topic, except for when you’ve had one too many glasses of wine.
It’s about reconciling with the very notion of selfless and solitary pleasure: yes, of course you may.
As for myself, I noticed I had my fair share of shame, as part of a sexually related block. And this of course weighs me down when using my electric toothbrush.
I’m kiiiiiding, I don’t use my electric toothbrush that way, I have my own tools, Muahaha
God, please don’t let my mother read this!
To overcome this block, as with everything else, it’s all about the power of choice.
Of course it takes a deep inner work to fully understand where all of this is coming from, but to get through that, you’ll first need to acknowledge the situation, and DECIDE whether you want to do something about it. (Intention! )
Decide, this time will be different.
Decide masturbation, is in fact joy.
Decide to make it less of a taboo.
Thus, maybe next time you’re out with your girl friends, complaining about guys and clients who refuse to pay, you could try this instead : “Guess what, I bought this really cool vibrator! I’ll show you !”
All women – alright… almost all women – masturbate. And that’s GOOD!
(Yes, I’m deciding on behalf of everyone that it’s a good thing! )
I’m certainly not telling you to force things – quite the contrary – but when desire kicks in, just go for it. You’re not alone in this. Most women on Earth, just like you, take delight in the most selfless of pleasures.
Please comment down below : Do you masturbate?
Nah, I’m just kidding, I KNOW you masturbate, don’t pretend.
That being said, maybe you want to share with me the story about your cousin Kate, or that friend of yours, Jessica, is it? Did they have any issues of their own regarding masturbation? Did they have any emotional blocks they had to overcome? Wink wink 🙂
Ok now, I’m off. I’m gonna go check out a house 🙂
Aka #DarkPinkLyvia
Aka #SexyGuru…/79546-lyviac-daily-messag…
I’ve posted a picture of me looking all sexy, one of those things I thought I’d never be able to share with the world.
Lots of love!!♥


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