Want to know the secret to my successful business? It all boils down to one word…

I wrote something this past Friday, and strangely enough, I kept it to myself. I’m sharing it with you now, in the midst of preparing for a new seminar called Love, Flow & Rock ‘n Roll.

You know, it’s such a big part of me and yet, I don’t even pay attention to it anymore. Sometimes I forget just how weird and strange this all is, and how people don’t necessarily work this way. And then my sister pointed it out.

We were holding a VIP meeting with the “Amazones”, my most ambitious and revolutionary clients. I chose the Ritz because of the vibe and overall beauty of the place. (And also, why the hell not?!)

We felt empowered and in tune with one another there. You know the feeling, don’t you? The feeling of finally having found someone you’ve been looking for, for such a very long time?

Once inside the room, we were no longer weird and peculiar. We understood one another. No matter what crazy ideas came rushing forth out of one of us, the rest of us would simply nod at her, followed by a unanimous “hell YES!”

Everything came together as if by magic. I’m talking about the group itself, of course, but also the meeting.

And it only took me about three minutes to prepare for it.

That morning, as I woke up, I asked myself what my plan was for the day. I asked myself, “How can I make this fun, and still be able to share a bit about me?”

I wrote five lines. I was good to go, I was feeling confident. That was all I needed.

Once I got there, I just stood, and looked all those incredible women in the eye and connected with them.

As an introduction, I went with a series of words that appeared to have been given to me by something far greater than myself, words everyone needed to hear.

Next, I made sure to ask all the right questions. Questions that would then turn into exercises, debates. Again, I didn’t work on any of those prior to the meeting.

As we were talking, I heard the clash of ideas, the lies they were telling themselves. “Rubbish!”, I said out loud. And the person sitting in front of me knew I’m right. I can tell when something is flowing and it’s, you know, just, perfect. I can also tell when it’s not.

I’d brought along my oracle cards, and my computer. So I thought, why not draw cards for them. First, one that symbolizes who they are, another one to show them who they will become, and as I read the cards, I let the message lead the way. And I passed it along, as it was.

I taught them how to shut down their ego, and instead let their soul do the talking.

We did a bit of meditation together. It was a meditation I myself wrote, in one sitting — no editing, no second thoughts. And it just so happened to take them into uncharted territory.

I always know what to say,

And I always know what to do next.

My only job is to listen.

Every decision. Every offering. Every choice, every encounter, comes from the very same place — my intuition.

I call my intuition Rebecca. She’s a red-haired lass from England who gives me all the answers. Her one and only job is to make this life FUN for me, which means she keeps me away from the things that aren’t right for me and brings me closer to the ones that are. It is thanks to her that I allow myself to be me and my own person only, and to show the world my talents — because in the end, giving my very best in everything that I do is what gives me a true feeling of fulfillment.

Rebecca saves me a lot of time. Because she provides me with the answers, I don’t have to prepare anything in advance, really.

I’ve also made a lot of money thanks to her. Honestly, all I had to do was listen to her! She tells me what to create, what needs to be launched, even how to get organised.

I’ve mentioned this before:

I always know what to say, and what to do.

You know this, too.

It’s just that the information gets lost amidst all that insecurity and self-doubt: What am I even thinking? Isn’t it too big? What am I, just going to let go? Just like that?

We know, we always know.

Our soul knows.

It is our ego and our fear that sidetrack us away from the things that matter the most.

So I’ve made it my own personal mission, as well as my job to work on these following dualities:




And as you’ve probably guessed: THE secret to my business, is my intuition. I always listen to my intuition. Every minute of the day.

Which means, whenever I feel disoriented, it’s simply because I haven’t been paying attention to it. I haven’t been listening.

I’m sharing this with you this morning, 3 days after writing it, because I realise that, from your perspective, it may seem like there’s some logic to the work I do…But really, there isn’t.

I don’t think either one of us in the team has ever made a rational decision. In fact, I just went through our message board on Slack, our digital workspace, to see how often the word “rational” pops up in conversation. 12 times, out of thousands and thousands of interactions. Most of them with a “not” placed ahead.

Things unfold the way they do for us all because we don’t follow any rules other than our intuition, which, together with our knowledge, talents and personal abilities, makes a hell of a team. Our strategy relies on inspiration and FLOW — our “aha!” moments.

From time to time, especially during this past week, I’ve received advice on how to best manage my business, what to do, what not to do. But what those people don’t know is that I’ve already got the greatest and most reliable mentor I could have hoped for — Rebecca.

Go and find yours. Everything will become much easier.

Photo: Brave/rebellious, human version of Rebecca


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