19 decisions for 2019

1. My words for the year are Selfish AND generous. For the first time in my life, I’m going to see what it feels like to put myself first and own it. And generous to remind myself that I can, indeed, be both. It’s by being selfish that I get to be generous.

2. I do not stay in any relationship in which I don’t feel the way I need to feel to continue.

3. I only commit to projects in which I feel free with my time, my energy and in which nothing is expected of me at a certain time #artist

4. I do not make promises I cannot keep.

5. I do not hold back on my spontaneity or clumsiness. If it hurts, if it stings, then I’ll leave to the other person the responsibility to tell me ‘girl you trippin’ ‘ – rather than holding myself back so that I don’t hurt anyone.

6. I do not have intimate relationships with people who are not looking to commit to a long term relationship (unless I’m fulfilling a wild fantasy)

7. The quality of my sleep is a priority

8. I’m a feminist and an activist, and I choose to amplify the fight for sexual education and the reduction of assaults.

9. I finish all the books I’ve started writing, preferably in January, except my novel which will take more time.

10. I write a film script.

11. In case of risk taking, I summon the craziness of Elon Musk and his sense of probabilities. Sometimes, 5% chances of success is enough to keep going. You don’t innovate if you don’t take any risks.

12. In 2019, I’m going back to Hawaii and NYC.

13. I make my own education a priority.

14. I make the development and deepening of my closest friendships a priority. There friendships have brought me through 2018. I keep being very picky about the people I let into my life.

15. I choose to give more time, gratitude and energy to my mother.

16. I take VERY seriously my house project. I don’t let this project slip into the fingers of conditions and circumstances.

17. When I have a grievance, I express it immediately rather than wait and see if it goes away – especially in new relationships. By showing who I am and my own values, the relationships evolves or stops faster.

18. I change glasses ! (Gold?)

19. I learn how to love, esteem and honour myself even more (me first). Also, I choose to better love, esteem and honour others (them second).


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